Creative Workshops in Bali – Indonesia

It has been a while since I’ve been to Bali, almost 3 years! But it still feels like yesterday. I can’t believe how many posts I wrote during the 3 months we’ve stayed there about Bali. I wrote about massages in Bali that we took almost every week, I wrote about the restaurants in Canggu, the markets in Bali and lots more. Find them all here in my Bali category.

Today I want to tell you a bit more about a really cool website I found, where you can read about creative workshops in Bali with locals. Doing things with locals is the best, because they know what to do, where to find it and what is the best in Bali. So, these workshops with locals are great! It’s actually a website where you can find all sorts of things With Locals.

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Writing for an e-magazine

Every month I write for the e-magazine Travel Chronicles. It's a new magazine that started in 2013. I was asked to write for them about the trips I've made so far, about different countries and different themes. Every month they select a theme for the upcoming edition...

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My Little Dog Adventure In Bali

Last week I yelled that I always wanted a dog and one day later I found one in our garden... Not a post about traveling or design, a post about the life in Bali. The life of dogs and my experience with it. My little dog adventure in Bali that lasted 1 week. We've seen...

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Paintings in the Sky

You know those beautiful sunsets you always see during a holiday? On the beach, on a mountain, in a beautiful park? The sunsets can be gorgeous but something happens with the sky as soon as the sun is gone. Different colors appear in the sky and the sun paints a...

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Wednesday = Quote Day! #3

"You Are What You Eat So Don't Be Fast, Cheap, Easy or Fake" was the quote I picked 2 weeks ago. It has been a challenge for me to skip the foods that are fast, cheap, easy or fake to me. For example, french fries, a burger and chocolate cookies. A burger is fast and...

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Interviewed by My Ocean Bliss

Have you seen my Links to other lovely blogs in my sidebar? I've put them there so you can see which blogs I love to follow. One of these blogs is My Ocean Bliss. Heather, the founder of My Ocean Bliss, lives in Noosa, Australia and writes all about the life, love and...

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Time For Some Exploring //

It is time to get a little break from blogging and explore the world a bit more. For the next 10 to 14 days I will be traveling to the Gili Islands, Lombok and maybe, if there is time left, to Flores. These are all islands in Indonesia. We will begin our trip tomorrow...

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Penang Island // Round Trip Part 2

A few days ago I showed you the first part of the round trip we've made on Penang Island in Malaysia. The second site we went to was the Burmese and Thai temples that are situated opposite of each other. They are both free entrance, easy to do in about 1,5 hours and...

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8 Things To Do In A Weekend // Bali

Weekends are the best, aren't they? It's the start of a new week again and we are already looking forward to the next weekend. What's wrong with us? Why is the weekend so awesome? Because we have all the time of the world! Well, most of the weekends.. Time to do fun...

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Penang Island // Round Trip Part 1

About 2 weeks ago we stayed for a few days on Penang Island in George Town. I've already showed you a lot about George Town on Penang Island, the tiles I found there and the street art tour around George Town. I totally forgot that we made a trip around the island as...

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