Everyone goes on a trip or holiday every once in a while. Even when it’s just two days into the countryside, it is a trip and it is called traveling. Travel stories are ones to share and to remember for ever.

So, I’m going to start a new category, let’s say a new column on this blog especially for all the travelers around the world.

I want to give these travelers, who are just starting their travel blogs, bloggers who love to travel and just want to write about it, bloggers that can’t write about their travels on their own blog, a chance to promote their blog on DesignClaud and to inspire my readers with more and diverse travel stories.

I mean, I can only be on 1 place at the time but wouldn’t it be great to read a post about South America or Greenland while I’m in New Zealand?

So all bloggers out there who would love to share their stories about their trips are welcome!

You can share one story with us or come back every now and then and share more!

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The only thing you need is;

– An interesting travel destination (that’s not so hard)
– Photos taken by yourself (unique content)

Of course I will introduce you to my readers and tell them more about you and your blog!

Leave a message in this post or send me an email at: claudiaarends@gmail.com if you are interested or have more questions!

Happy travels and hopefully see you soon!
X Claudia

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