My second time in Melbourne was, again, great! My first time was about 4 years ago. I’ve experienced the city totally different this time. At that time I prefered Sydney because of its beautiful harbour and beaches, but I’ve realized that you can’t compare Sydney with Melbourne. Melbourne has different interesting things like lots of Asian culture, food and people. Lots of interesting and new architecture and one of the 4 leading Tennis Tournaments in the world, the Australian Open of course!

We only had 2 days in Melbourne so we had to pack it all in a short amount of time. I do like spending time in cities but we are sort of on a slightly tight schedule so 2 days / 3 nights was enough for us.

Day 1 in Melbourne

Wandering around in the city centre. The train station at Flinders street, the Library, some universities along the way and lots of shops. From here we took a tram to Brunswick Street to have a look at all the Bohemian styled shops and bars. I love Brunswick street. It’s a bit hippie with lots of young crowds. After a lunch at a Mexican restaurant, we took the tram to St. Kilda. St. Kilda is one of the beaches of Melbourne which is in the south.

City Centre – Melbourne

Brunswick Street – Melbourne

Little Mexican restaurant in Brunswick Street called El Chino. A very big thumbs up on their facade!

And then.. St. Kilda Beach

Public Transport

Melbourne has one of the biggest tram networks so do try to use them. They can bring you almost every where! Besides trams, we also used busses to get back to our accommodation for the night. People in Melbourne use a Myki pass which you can buy at the train station or small shops. The card costs $6 and you have to top it up before you use it. The bus drivers are very friendly and help you with everything you need. Also people in the train stations are very kind as well so don’t hesitate to ask.

As you can see, you can do many things in 1 day! City, suburb and beach! Have you ever been to Melbourne? Would it be on your bucket list?

Day 2 in Melbourne was at the Australian Open, more about that later!

Safe travels, Claudia

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