And then, after 3 months of daily yoga, I’ve stopped doing yoga. As my teacher once said; the ones that start doing yoga really intensely in the beginning, intend to quit more often than the ones that build up their yoga life slowly. I guess, I’ve stepped into to quick. But I liked it so much.. I wanted to go everyday. Now, after almost 3 months of no yoga I feel different.

What happens after stopping with yoga?

1. Less flexible

Of course, flexibility is the first thing that will disappear when you don’t practice yoga anymore. I try to touch my toes in certain positions sometimes and I’ve noticed that I can’t reach them anymore.

2. Less healthy

While I practiced so much yoga, my body changed but also my diet. I didn’t want to eat fat stuff and had only a little bit to feel full. I’ve changed my diet because of yoga and I still feel good with this diet. More fruit and vegetables instead of pasta, rice and bread. But I also noticed that while you travel from place to place every day, it’s hard to keep up with these things. Sometimes you walk into a small supermarket in some sort of town and they don’t have what you want; fresh veggies and fruit. That’s when I had to make a decision to eat something else.

The things that are easy to keep up with while traveling is not eating meat and drinking cow milk. These major changes in my diet are the best ones I’ve ever made. There is a lot of information online about if cow milk is good for adults or not. The Netherlands is one of those countries where adults drinks lots of milk.

I know that it is bad for digestion so I stopped with drinking that. I hopped over to soya milk in coffees which makes me feel happy, so far.

The digestion of meat is one of those other things. Is it bad for your body or isn’t? Well, for me it is bad. It makes my belly go crazy so I said bye bye to the meat. And besides it doesn’t feel good for me personal, I don’t like the fact of slaughtering animals and all that stuff so I hope I can support that a bit as well.

3. Less happy?

Yes, less happy I guess. Yoga made me happy. Why? Because it opened up a whole new world for me. A new world with all the possibilities I didn’t know I could do and have.

4. Less inspired?

When yoga makes you happy, it makes you inspired and without yoga, I feel less inspired. It’s all connected with each other. The body with the mind and the mind with being and being with feelings.. I can name hundreds of words that are connected with all of this.


In 6 weeks time I will be back home for I don’t know how long, but I do know that I’m getting back to my daily yoga schedule. I’m going to look for a yoga studio in Ashtanga where I can go once or twice a week so I can get some guidance and I’m going to practice on my own for the other 4 days. Saturday is no yoga in Ashtanga.

Questions for you

*How are you feeling after starting yoga?

*Did you stop after a while?

*Did you miss it when you stopped?

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