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Part 4 Renovating Motorhome: Subfloor + Boiler + Decorative Pillows + Curtains

Part 4 Renovating Motorhome: Subfloor + Boiler + Decorative Pillows + Curtains

Last January I wrote about the curtains hanging in our camper! At least, the curtains around the fold-down bed. Now also the smaller curtains around the round seat in the back of the camper are hanging. It already looks far better! But we are not there yet ..

Two weeks ago we took a day to go on with the interior. I finished the subfloor and Bas started with the boiler. The floor in the camper was carpeted but it was obviously not very nice. Therefore, we decided to lay a subfloor so that we can place a PVC floor. Well, the subfloor is in! It was a lot of work but it looks good!

The water heater was unfortunately broken so we got a new one that had to be built in again. Because it was just a slightly different model, Bas here and there still had to make some adjustments. But it worked! We have hot water in the kitchen and in the bathroom!

Finally, we hung two spots in the back corners of the camper and we mounted plastic strips for the curtains so that the whole looks a little tighter!

The curtains hang but we don’t like it that you can see the rails.

We place a simple plastic strip in front of the curtain rails so you can not see the top so well.

In the corner the curtains hang neatly together. Now I have to make straps that hold the curtains in place while driving.

Here you see the subfloor we have also mounted against the benches. This was also carpeted in a dirty brown color.

After these chores, we wanted to see the (almost) final result, so we cleaned everything up and decorated the camper as it should. I had made a few cushions to match the curtains but unfortunately I still have to make the bench cushions. The color of the bench cushions doesn’t fit our image of the interior and it’s not a good combination with the new curtains and all.

What do we still want to do about the camper?

Before we really going on the road in May for the first time, we want to do the following things:

  • Leave laying a PVC floor. We have already bought one, now find someone who wants to lay the floor.
  • The double bench allow welding in the camper.
  • Lamp post above the round seating.
  • The camper furnish all the necessary stuff you need.
  • The motor of brush in the way!

Actually, these are the most necessary things we still like to do before we go on vacation. In addition, I also want to make new sleeves in the summer for the cushions of the sofas. The green I find too dark and not nice with the blue of the curtains and it’s not our style. However, the pillows are very good order so for the next few months it is fine.

I also have a long list of fun stuff I want to buy such as a flat cable with lights outside, a plastic carpet for outside and get some goodies!

The round seating is the complete picture but without the table. In the middle of the U-shaped seating, between the two tables, is space for a lamp. We are still looking for a great model!

A nice tight subfloor is in and sits against the benches. We want the new PVC floor to run up against the pillows.

Both fabrics, of the curtains and cushions, come from the fabric market in Utrecht.

The top of the kitchen is original, much as I want to use film so this is also neat and finished.

We are again one step further and it starts to be more exciting because you really start to see why you’re doing it. In May it will be our first RV trip with Jaya, exciting!

Another couple of decisions we have to make:

  • What color get the couch cushions? It’s so dark I think. But dark is sometimes less likely dirty.
  • What we will do so Jaya can not fall out of the fold-down bed? There are safety nets that can assemble there but there are also parents who place their child in a Deryan tent on the fold-down bed.

Tips are always welcome! :-)

Creative Workshops in Bali – Indonesia

It has been a while since I’ve been to Bali, almost 3 years! But it still feels like yesterday. I can’t believe how many posts I wrote during the 3 months we’ve stayed there about Bali. I wrote about massages in Bali that we took almost every week, I wrote about the restaurants in Canggu, the markets in Bali and lots more. Find them all here in my Bali category.

Today I want to tell you a bit more about a really cool website I found, where you can read about creative workshops in Bali with locals. Doing things with locals is the best, because they know what to do, where to find it and what is the best in Bali. So, these workshops with locals are great! It’s actually a website where you can find all sorts of things With Locals.

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Bohemian interior ideas – LOVE!

Do you also like a bit of expressive style? Then you will find the bohemian style of living maybe as much fun as I do. Decorated in cool colors, vintage items, findings from other countries, and yet also a light and airy interior. At least, that variant of a bohemian interior I love.

Although my own interior is truly bohemian, yet I would like to transform my home to this charming residential style. But how do you do that? I asked myself, so I went to find out! These are the ideas and tips I encountered to create a boho interior.

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Dutch interior inspiration + some personal stuff

Hi all! It’s been a while since I’ve written something on DesignClaud. After the holidays I asked myself what my goal was with DesignClaud, if I still wanted to go on with the blog and what my focus would be. At the moment I’ve got enough work besides my blog and I do sell my posters and prints very well. Especially in Holland they are loved by many people.

But the blog is also a way of sharing my inspiration and passion for interior and that was something I missed the last few weeks. I’ve noticed that I would love to create my own content but I don’t have the possibilities to do that at the moment. So, as the time comes I hope to find more time to do that.

For now I want to share this gorgeous interior with you. It’s an apartment in the old city called Den Bosch in Holland. A gorgeous home with lots of stuff from flea markets and thrift shops. Have a look and dream away!

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Part 3: Check out the curtains hanging in the camper

Last weekend I started making curtains for our camper. A completely new challenge for me! But it went well (except for a few crooked seams) and after sewing a full day I had finished three curtains.

When we started renovating the camper, we’ve removed all the curtains so we could paint properly. Back then, we never thought to write down which curtain hung where. In principle, that is not directly necessary for the self-explanatory or where they fit. Tuesday I went to the shed where the camper is and I hung up the curtains. Once they hung I began to doubt, the curtains behind the fold-down bed, next to the window, seem too short or too long. Probably these curtains don’t suppose to hang at the fold-down bed but at the windows below the folding bed. For now we will leave them hanging.

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